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About Us

Vin Ryan

I've spent 24yrs, more than half my life in the surf industry making wetsuits and hardware for 1 of the top global surf companies located here on the Gold Coast.
I started my career in wetsuits as a 20yo stacking printed wetsuit panels after they had moved through the drying oven along the way learning all the printing processes. I spent 9 – 10 years cutting wetsuits and learning the art of making custom wetsuits, pattern making and then on to managing the cutting room where I also ordered neoprene from the Japanese and Taiwanese suppliers.
When the company I worked for moved all its production offshore I was kept on to liaise with suppliers on making wetsuits, board bags, leggies and grips. I spent this time learning more on design, fabrics and the construction of wetsuits, that have changed so much over the 24yrs I have spent in the industry. Travelling to Asia to visit the factories to negotiate prices and QC all production has given me time to build good relationships with suppliers in all catergories.
After 24yrs working for the one company I decided to build a surf brand that makes premium Wetsuits and Hardware without the premium price tag. Selling only online we are able to eliminate the retail mark-up and make premium products that everyone can afford.
We only use quality fabrics, foam and construction methods in our wetsuits. Quality EVA and Glue on our grips and quality Urethane, Swivels and Velcro on our leggies. Independent Surf Co guarantees to keep prices as low as possible.

Thanks for your support, Vin Ryan - Founder, Director, Designer, Surfer, Independent Surf Co

Independent Surf Co is located at Burleigh Heads just 10 minutes drive from the world-renowned Burleigh Point. 

Vin : Burleigh Point 
Photo : Mark "Wilba" Wilson

Vin : Burleigh Point
Photo : Mark "Wilba" Wilson    

Vin, Burleigh Point 
Video: Mark "Wilba" Wilson


Royce Leu

Royce’s experience in the surf industry spans some 20+ years. The first 10, he was responsible for the look and feel of numerous action sports and lifestyle publications, including Slam skateboarding, Freerider MX, Surfing Life, Riptide and ALB magazines under the Morrison Media publishing banner. From 2006 to early 2017 he occupied the role of senior designer for Billabong Marketing, contributing to both the inward and outward facing messages of one of the industry’s most successful brands. He still surfs when his family and freelance duties (and sand build-up at the point) allow.