How to put a Chest Zip Wetsuit on correctly

I see a lot of people in the carpark struggling to get in to and out of a CZ Wetsuit, so here are 6 simple steps to putting on a CZ Wetsuit. It's eazy-az once you get it mastered.

  • Step 1 - Pull wetsuit up to waist.

  • Step 2 - Pull wetsuit up to lower chest area.

  • Step 3 - Put right arm in 1st to give maximum stretch through the opening and pull up over right shoulder.

  • Step 4 - Put left arm in 2nd and pull up over left shoulder, make sure all back entry panels are stright and not folded over to create maximum seal.

  • Step 5 - Reach back and pull top yoke over head.

  • Step 6 - Zip up.

To get wetsuit off always pull down left side sleeve with the right arm 1st to get maximum stretch through entry, then pull right side off.

 Hope this helps.